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>> but first, let's kick it off with elissa harrington. she is in san anselmo where flooding is always a big concern. elissa. >> reporter: it always is a big concern here and that's why the people who live and work in san anselmo are not taking any chances. they have been loading up on sandbags to protect their homes and their businesses. now, even though creek levels are low, rain will pound this area over the next few days. some of the wettest areas could see 8 to 10 inches of rain. the city says it has prepared for this storm. public works crews walked the creek and cleared branches and debris and have also cleaned out storm drains. some businesses have storm gates and people who live in low-lying areas of town have been visiting the free sandbag station on sunnyhill drive. >> we live kind of in a low spot at the bottom of a hill. so a lot of water comes down and so this is to go around the garage and some of the doors and also in the basement. >> reporter: the san anselmo creek which runs through the
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middle of town floods at about 13 feet. you're looking at video from 2005. when that happened, damaging hundreds of buildings and causing millions of dollars of damage. now the level is about 2 feet but you can bet that people will be keeping a very close eye on those levels as the series of storms roll in. let's head to cate caugiran with more storm coverage. >> reporter: elissa harrington, now the rain is actually showed up, seeing a little bit of let up for a little bit but the wind is definitely here for sure. take a look at those trees and the flag. high strong winds are here at the richmond/san rafael bridge. the national weather service says wind will pick up to 45 to gust of 65 miles an hour. the combination of wind and rain is dangerous especially
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with the cars on the road and officers say it's best to drive slowly like you're in fog and ice. trucks and high-profile vehicles should be careful on the bridges. the roads change with these conditions. >> we are expecting a large amount of water in a short period of time. that brings slippery roads. that means more accidents. >> reporter: along with traffic problems, accidents, high winds are also expected to bring mass power outages and that's because of downed trees and branches. so pg&e crews were busy yesterday cutting down trees and clearing excess debris. again, this wind isn't going away anytime soon. you can still see it is picking up here in this area and we are told that these high wind warnings are going to last until 11:00 today so again, be careful on those road as you drive to work this morning. live at the richmond/san rafael bridge, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. we were talking to lawrence off camera. he has christmas lights up but
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wondering whether they will be there this morning. >> i was putting twist ties on them yesterday to keep them up there. it will be whipping around the bay area. we are seeing those winds picking up as you saw cate's live shot. the strongest winds along the coast where a high wind warning is effect, wind gusts to 65 miles per hour. but look at the hi-def. you can get a good idea where the cold front is lingering making its way into parts of the north bay, but lingering down here. off the coast we have seen lightning strikes beginning to show up. the heaviest rain so far located in the north bay will continue to intensify throughout the morning commute. so it is going to be a very wet and a very windy commute around the bay area. then toward the afternoon things begin to settle down. this storm system rolling onshore right now going to pack a punch this morning and then on the back side of it. once we get on the back side we may begin to clear things out a little toward the afternoon. but a series of storms lining up one here one on the back side here and then another one yet to develop that's still going to move in out of the
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gulf of alaska that third one could be the one that causes some flooding issues. let's look at our futurecast model and show you the cold front moving through this morning. about 9:00 or so the main cold front right across the entire bay area. then as we head in to the middle of the day the system moves out and we get a few sunny breaks and things settle down. there is plenty more stormy weather on the way. if you want to go to our website, check out our hi-def doppler, go to, check out the high-def doppler radar in your neighborhood and it is going to be all lit up with all kinds of fascinating colors today, elizabeth. >> i know. it's ominous seeing that big swash of green there on that hi- def doppler. on the traffic cameras, looking at the cars to see if we saw any windshield wipers. so far it's not the case. we can see the roads are though a little slick as you head towards the pay gates and it's getting busy anyway so it's just your usual commute so far at the bay bridge. chp has not issued wind advisories so far and there's also no metering lights yet. this is why you see it moving okay in the middle lanes the fastrak lanes. the cash lanes are starting to
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stack up towards the end of the parking lot and even towards the end of that overcrossing. golden gate bridge, slick across the bridge this morning. i just saw golden gate ferry tweeted there will be ferry service this morning everything is on time same thing for golden gate transit bus. so mass transit would be a great option as the storm moves through. >> thank you. daly city crews are working to shore up a hillside that collapse today with weeks aboth. they are using hay and mesh covering to keep the mud and debris to sliding down the hill into the neighborhood below. the mud slide this month was caused by broken water main. city leaders say they can't fix the line until they stabilize the hillside. new this morning, the search is on for three people who took off after hitting parked cars and a muni bus in san francisco. it happened at prague street and russia avenue around 11:00. police saw the suspect car slammed into three vehicles and
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a 54 felton bus before the car rolled. the three people inside then took off. two people on the muni bus were not injured. but it's not clear if the suspects suffered any injuries. gangs may be behind a drive- by shooting in gilroy. police say someone fired several shots in a home on glenview drive just after midnight. the suspects also fired at a car parked nearby. according to police there were eight people in the home during the shooting including a 4- month-old baby. no word if anyone was hit by the gunfire. the teen accused in a deadly crime spree in san jose will be tried as an adult. adonis muldrow will be in court this afternoon. the 15-year-old faces eight felony counts including murder and attempted murder of a police officer. officials say he and 26-year- old jonathan wilbanks robbed several san jose businesses on november 16 and killed rory parkpettiford during an attempted carjacking. an officers are also injured in a shootout with the suspect. 6:07. two men are behind bars after a
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violent road rage incident and it's caught on video from a couple. oakland police say the ordeal began on monday when a couple noticed a car as you see here driving erratically. they started shooting video with their own cell phone. police say the men in the car realized they were being recorded and pulled out guns pointing at the couple at a stop light. then they caught up with the couple and one of the men jumped into the couple's car demanding that video. >> the husband is able to push the suspect out of the car and tells his wife, hit the gas, get out of here. >> police say the man fired at the couple's car. nobody was hit. and with that video, officers were able to identify these two men, the suspects, and they were both arrested. oakland police have until tomorrow to come up with a reform plan to prevent a government takeover of the department. the oakland police officers union has told a federal judge that department leadership is ineffective and has failed to implement reforms that were ordered by the court. the judge will decide whether
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federal official should take over that department. >> uc-berkeley's new chancellor will get a bigger paycheck than his predecessor. the last cal chancellor was paid $436,000 a year. uc regents voted yesterday to add $50,000 to nicholas dirks' position putting his salary at $486,000. the 11% raise became part of a student protest last night. several protestors chained their necks to doors on the 6th floor of cal's eschelman hall. the demonstration was to call attention to cal's low enrollment of students of color but the pay raise was also an issue. >> but now you see, there's no money. we have to raise your fees again by 24% over the next four years, which means 6% per year. but at the same time we have enough money to give a fee -- a raise of salary to a chancellor. >> the regents who voted for the raise point out that the extra money is coming from private donations, not from student fees. and we have been asking all morning, what do you think
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about the chancellor's pay raise? comment on facebook or twitter, or email us at >> still no deal on capitol hill to avoid that "fiscal cliff" at the end of the year. some republicans have said they are willing to consider some tax increase but they are insisting on larger budget cuts to benefit programs which of course the democrats oppose. if all sides can't agree on a spending plan before year's end the automatic tax hikes and across-the-board budget cuts kick in. >> we must do everything we can to ensure that middle class families are not hit with $2,200 a year in tax increases. >> i hope cooler heads will prevail as we move through the process. we need to be working together.
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>> president obama is trying to generate public support for his ideas. he is going to meet with corporate executives today at the white house, then travel to pennsylvania friday to push for highers taxes for the wealthy. susan rice on capitol hill today again to meet with lawmakers. the u.n. ambassador is trying to explain comments she made shortly after attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. yesterday she met with three of her strongest senate critics including arizona republican john mccain. rice first said the attack had grown out of a spontaneous protest. she said those were the talking points that "u.s. intelligence" had given her. >> we are going to get to the bottom of this. we have to have a system we can trust. if you don't know what happened, just say you don't know what happened. >> senator mccain said he is still troubled about what rice said and what she did not say. rice would need the senate's
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support if president obama nominates her to become the next secretary of state. time now 6:11. speeding things up at sfo. the new plan to deal with all those delays. >> how does this happen? the security breach caught on camera just feet from a runway. >> plus, a driver's incredible bravery on a burning school bus. the risky move that saved a child' life. ,,,,,,,,
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international airport says he caught a blatant security breach on his cell phone camera.. he well, check this out. a passenger at hartsfield- jackson atlanta international airport says he caught a blatant security breach on a cell phone camera. he recorded a woman at the waiting lot tossing a bag over a fence to an airport worker. the bag gets stuck and the
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worker climbs up to get it. this happened feet from the runway. >> it's probably his lunch. >> they are investigating. >> still you know not to do that at an airport. >> not a good idea. >> no. bad wet weather typically adds up to some travel headaches. >> yeah. sure does. as frequent flyers know san francisco international airport is notorious for falling behind schedule with all the fog and such. but when the skies are clear, airplanes at sfo often land 2 at a time on parallel runways but when visibility is poor they can only land one plane at a time and others go into holding pattern. sfo says that changes next summer. >> it will allow aircraft not side by side but staggered from one another to come in using both runways. with this change we'll be able to arrive 35 to 37 per hour making an improvement. >> a number of delayed flights at sfo has gone up 10% in the last decade also the number of canceled flights has doubled
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and apparently today's not a good day to fly either. >> we are talking more than three-hour delays. so if you're hiding to the airport today, please call ahead. we're talking about delays at the airport. but there may be some delays on the road, as well. >> liz, a tough day for commuters. mother nature did not time this out very well. it's right here in the heart of the morning commute. we're already starting to see a few raindrops in some of our traffic cameras and we have a couple of different spinouts. sounds like the heaviest rain is over the north bay so northbound 101 approaching railroad avenue come into cotati one lane blocked. east bay car fire eastbound lanes of 580 against the commute causing slowly through the altamont pass. car fire partially blocking one lane may have sparked a small grassfire in the area as well approaching grant line road so we are seeing brake lights. the winds are picking up. you can see that in some of our traffic cameras as well as. this is one heading into san francisco. gusty winds, slick roads, be
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extra careful. we have been getting treats from golden gate ferry and bus service. all mass transit is on time a great option to avoid the road and the storm headed our way. here's a live look through milpitas westbound 237. noise and clear so far this morning. actually no delays all across that stretch. and let's get a look at the bay bridge now. you can see a few raindrops falling outside and it's starting to stack up as well in all lanes so they turned on the metering lights just minutes after 6:00. so now we are stacking up to the 880 overcrossing. with more on the latest with hi- def doppler and the rain and the storm moving this way, let's go to lawrence. >> an impressive storm system now making its way onshore. gusts now over 30 miles per hour. some parts of the bay area as mentioned before we have over 3- hour almost 4-hour delays at sfo. here's the latest on high-def doppler radar. look at the rainfall moving in. north bay reporting heavy amounts of rainfall in toward the santa rosa area. the showers likely to continue to move on this morning. and then taper off quickly. it's interesting on the back
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side of the storm system we are seeing lightning strikes out there right now so that's something else embedded in this cold front that moves onshore so it's going to hit us quick this morning and then things begin to taper off but it's going to be a wild morning. we have very strong gusty winds coming onshore. showers by the afternoon. maybe even a couple of sunny breaks but the door will be open to a series of storms toward the bay area. so here it is. you have your first storm system making its way onshore and then maybe a brief break and the second one comes off and one yet to develop moves in on sunday. that's the one i'm worried about the possibility of flooding with that one. so the storm door is open. today is going to be very wet and wild early on. computer models picking up on that this morning. the main cold front moving through in the morning hours. and then by the afternoon, it starts to taper off really just maybe some scattered showers for the better part of thursday. then thursday evening the next storm system moves in slowly working its way through the bay area. that's going to be a big-time soak near friday. and then it looks like we'll catch a brief break before more rain is on the way. with this fast-moving storm system this morning maybe a
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half inch just over that toward the santa cruz mountains. temperatures going to be in the 60s and then the next couple of days, be ready folks it's going to be off and on again rain some very heavy rainfall through sunday. then it looks like by monday and tuesday maybe we finally catch a break by then. back to you. >> all right. lawrence, thank you. in your world, police in bangladesh have arrested three factory officials in connection with a fire that killed 112 workers. the three are accused of locking emergency doors preventing workers from escaping saturday's fire. garments and documents left behind in the factory show it supplied clothing to some major american and europe retailers. protests against egypt's new president are intensifying. this is a live look at tahrir square, cairo. you can see the tents and people gathering there. just a short time ago state tv announced the country's highest appeals court has suspended work nationwide to protest
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mohamed morsi's decree. they are upset at his decree that his decision are above judicial review. a san jose bus driver saves a disabled student after the bus burst into flames. a passerby snapping this photo of the bus. as you can see totally engulfed caught on fire at the sylvandale middle school. there was one child aboard strapped in an electric wheelchair. so the driver wilma acosta scooped her up and carried her out to safety. >> she did everything perfect, above and beyond, and when i asked her, what were you thinking, she said i wasn't. i was just thinking about this precious child that just had to get of the bus. >> her instincts kicked in. acosta did not want to talk on camera. nobody was injured as you can see though the bus was destroyed. they were able to get the wheelchair off and saved the wheelchair and the little girl. >> lucky for that bus driver's quick thinking. 6:21. coming up the 49ers lose another player for the year. we'll tell how. >> it isn't all bad news for the team.
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who just signed a major extension. >> and time for today's snow report: there's plenty more snow on the way. wind advisory weather advisory up in the high country 5,000 to 6,000 feet. more snow to squaw valley, as well. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of their defense. 24-year old navorro bowman has a 5-year, 45- million dollar contra the san francisco 49ers have a long-term lock on a key part of their defense. this guy is a stud. 24-year-old novarro bowman signed a $5 million five-year
6:25 am
contract extension. he leads in tackles with 129. his new deal means that he and patrick willis will stay together through at least 2016. now the bad news. the 9ers took a double whammy in new orleans in one play. running back hunter out for the season with a ruptured akhiles achilles and hunter also was injured. runningback lamichael james and receiver aj jenkins could see action. play of the day to the world of college basketball. we have minnesota's rodney williams junior. that's what you call a rebounded and nice put-back all in one. the board and the dunk. nice. 21st ranked golden gophers beating florida state last night 77-68. >> novarro bowman by the way
6:26 am
$45 million contract. >> you said $5 million. >> i stand corrected. >> we would have shortchanged him. >> by a lot. >> i'm still stuck on powerball. so what can i do? it is 6:26. coming up avoiding the "fiscal cliff." what president obama is doing today to win the public support for his plan. >> plus cell phone video captures a gun pointed at a bay area driver. why the suspect followed the victim's car and opened fire. rain is coming down in san anselmo. the storms are going to be so strong that people are worried about flooding. what they are degree to prepare. -- what they're doing to prepare.
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♪[ music ] we have had all kinds of windstorms and rainstorms, they
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are lots of fun. >> the bay area brace for a 1-2- 3 punch from mother nature. >> maybe even more scary than the rain is the wind with this system, boy, it's going to be whipping around the bay area! >> we are looking at winds up to 45 miles an hour with gusts up to 60! >> a couple shot in a terrifying case of road rage. >> took a few minutes for those men to pull handguns on that couple and it was all caught on tape. >> outrage over uc chancellor's $50,000 rage. >> republicans and democrats say there's been little progress in talks over the "fiscal cliff." >> we are not going to accept an unfair deal that hurts middle class america today. >> seems like our friends on the other side are having trouble turning off the campaign. >> and the powerball prize hits a record high. >> never live to spend that kind of money. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." ♪ [ music ]
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's wednesday, november 28. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. 6:31 is your time. get ready to get soaked today and most of the week. check out cbs 5 hi-def doppler all covered in green. the rain, wind is starting to pick up as expected, a messy morning commute here and sfo dozens of flights are canceled and there's nearly a four-hour delay on many arriving flights. so it's a mess. >> a lot of green there. we have tomorrow coverage with lawrence karnow and elissa harrington but we begin with cate caugiran at the richmond/san rafael bridge where winds are the story. >> reporter: i'm not wearing a hat. the wind is blowing straight through my hair now. we are hearing that winds are
6:32 am
sustained at about 25 miles per hour at sfo. in oakland they are 16 miles per hour. it's going to get worse with wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. look at the flagpoles and the trees. you can see just how strong that wind is blowing here on the bridge. now, if you combine those winds with the rain and a busy morning commute, we are looking at potentially dangerous driving conditions. now, with high winds on the bridge, chp says it is a possibility they could ask trucks to find alternative routes if winds pick up to dangerous speeds. now, it is inevitable when weather like this hits the bay area that oil comes up from the roads making them slicker than normal. chp officers told thus morning, the most common mistake that drivers make in weather conditions like these. >> drive too fast. when people drive too fast, their vehicles lose control on the wet roads and we have higher volume of accidents because of it. >> reporter: now, heavy rain and wind is expected to cause problems off the roads, as
6:33 am
well. we could see major power outages in our area. pg&e crews were busy yesterday preparing by trimming trees. toppled trees and fallen branches are the biggest cause to outages in bad weather. and we also just got off the phone with a spokesman with the bay bridge who says if winds also get severe, they do plan to put construction to a stop so again, winds are a major factor today in our stormwatch but also the rain is another thing we'll keep an eye on. we'll send things now down to elissa harrington in san anselmo where they are working on flooding preparations. is that right, elissa? >> reporter: hi, cate. that's right. this town is taking this series of storms very seriously because this creek behind me runs through the middle of downtown and it has flooded in the past. it could flood again with enough rain. so people who live and work in the area are preparing for the worst. >> they have been loading up on sandbags to protect their homes
6:34 am
and their businesses. the city set up a free sandbag station on sunny hill drive. it has been so busy that we actually went up there this morning and the whole pile of sand was gone. some people i met yesterday were hauling off 20 to 30 bags apiece. city crews have also been preparing for a series of storms that could bring 8 to 10 inches of rain over the next few days. public works crews in the town have cleared branches and debris from the creek. they have cleaned up storm drains and will be on duty 24/7 to deal with hazards like falling tree branches. they have been also been sending out weather alerts to residents letting them know they may face rising water levels. this is a warning here people don't take lightly. >> take care of the parking lot make sure everything was swept up leaves across the drains and we have had flooding there before in the back apartments and also taking all the furniture down on the decks and make sure everything is battened down. >> this is why san anselmo is serious about storm preparation.
6:35 am
a storm with torrential rain caused the creek to flood back in 2005. four feet of water damaged hundreds of businesses resulting in $30 million in damages. emergency officials are also advising people to keep a flashlight, a battery powered radio, and extra food in their homes. and also, a full tank of gas just in case. getting soaked in san anselmo, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> it's coming down. thanks. we are just getting word that there are some power outages. at this point we don't know if it's weather related or not but we are told 150 people in union city are without power right now. it went off at 4 a.m. and is expected to go back on about 8:00. >> bad news is the brunt of the storm is starting to come in so we may see more of that around the bay area. let's kick it over to lawrence. >> the power may go right back off again. we were looking at gusts over 50 miles an hour at our half moon bay buoy so you can see the cold front is about to move
6:36 am
onshore some of it already making its way into parts of the north bay. look at that our high-def doppler radar showing you yellow and orange outside right now. high wind warnings along the coastline where we could see gusts 55 to 65 miles per hour. of course, that would take down some trees and some power lines too. thus, the power outages: we are seeing most of the rainfall right now heaviest in parts of the north bay. it's still yet to come onshore fully but it will do so throughout the morning hours. so it's going to intensify a bit. if you haven't gotten the raindrops just yet it's still coming your way slowly making its way toward the bay area this morning but then we get the back side fairly rapidly so that's good news but this opens the door to a series of storms. a brief break today and then another one tomorrow night and friday. so let's see if we can time it out. as the storm comes onshore the heaviest rain this morning. then by the afternoon, we break off the showers, and then things getting a little unsettled. but yeah, the rain will be coming down heavy looks like if you want to check that out on
6:37 am
our website, go to you can see our high-def doppler radar in your neighborhood. and no matter where you go, it is going to be very, very wet and windy this morning, elizabeth. very busy, dangerous on the roads. >> it is. so leave earlier or later because the storm is heading our way and the bulk it is expected to hit in the middle of the early-morning rush. so we are getting word of a couple of different high wind advisories. this is issued by chp. one issued for the san mateo bridge. so apparently those wind gusts are picking up. we are also getting word of a stalled big rig on westbound 92 approaching foster city boulevard so that big rig is sit there is blocking one lane causing slight delays. elsewhere, you can see the winds, as well. check out our nimitz camera, this is 880 in oakland near the coliseum. this camera always tends to move back and forth giving us a good indication of how strong those winds are getting. so far the drive time still in the clear 17 minutes between 238 and the maze. golden gate bridge traffic moderately heavy right now pretty typical for this time of
6:38 am
the morning heading into san francisco. but, of course, sfo if you are heading that way we have big delays about 4 hours right now. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> not good day to fly. thank you. police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who smashed into three parked cars and muni bus on prague street and russia avenue at 11:00 last night. police say the suspect's car slammed into three vehicles and a 54 felton bus before the car rolled. the driver and two others inside got out and took off. two people on the muni bus were not injured. gangs may be behind a drive- by shooting in gilroy. someone fired several shots into a home on glenview drive around midnight. the suspects also fired at a car parked nearby. according to the cops, there were eight people in the home during the shooting including a 4-month-old baby. no word if anyone was hit by the gunfire. two men are in custody one of them accused of shooting at a married couple in another car. oakland police say it began
6:39 am
monday when the husband shot cell phone video of another car being driven erratically. police say the men in that car realized they were being recorded and brandished guns at the couple while at a stop light. later the men caught up with the couple again and one of them got inside the couple's car demanding the video. >> the husband is able to push the suspect out of the car and tells his wife hit the gas, get out of here. >> police say that man fired at the couple's car although no one was injured. officers arrested the suspects a short time later with help from the video. the new uc-berkeley chancellor is getting a raise. nicholas dirks is getting the job that used to pay $436,000 a year. regents voted to add $50,000 to that and he will now get $486,000 a year. the vote for the 11% raise came as students staged protests on the 6th floor of cal's eschelman hall. for a time, six students
6:40 am
actually chained their necks to doors there. the demonstration was to call attention to cal's low enrollment of students of color but the pay raise was also an issue. >> but now you see there is no money, we have to raise your fees again by 24% over the next four years, which means 6% per year. but at the same time, we have enough money to give a fee -- a raise of salary to the chancellor. >> the regents who voted for the raise point out that the extra money is coming from private donations and not from the students' to wish fees. what do you think about the $50,000 pay raise? 5 dot com. the clock is ticking on the you can comment on facebook or twitter, or email us at the clock is ticking on the approach to the dreaded "fiscal cliff." but a disconnect remains on capitol hill on what the political parties are willing to do to prevent it. some republicans have said they are willing to consider some tax hikes.
6:41 am
but they are insisting on larger budget cuts to benefit programs which democrats oppose. if all sides can't agree by january 1, automatic tax hikes and budget cuts kick in. >> let's turn off the election and solve the problems. >> rich will have to solve our financial problems. >> president obama is trying to generate public support for his ideas. he will meet with corporate executives at the white house. then travel to pennsylvania on friday to push for higher taxes for the wealthy. time now 6:41. a tv actor on a tirade. now a sudden apology from one of the stars of "two and a half men." >> a little damage control. >> plus, mother nature putting on quite the show. some dramatic video from a volcano in hawaii. >> the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers. so far not looking too good. coming up an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks.
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magna high school students in hawaii had front row seats for this hot lava show at the kilauea volcano. they here's a sight that even dr. evil could appreciate. liquid hot magma! high school students in hawaii -- i tried -- students in hawaii had a front row seat for 24 hot lava show. this is kileaua volcano. they tagged along with a documentary film crew last week filming active volcanos in hawaii national parks. the last time lava made it to the ocean was last december. they got quite a show. >> you didn't do the pinky. [ laughter ] >> there you go. >> go ahead. >> you do that well, frank. >> dr. evil today! >> i am dr. evil! we have the storm moving in. i'll tell you what, high-def doppler radar showing you the system looks very, very
6:46 am
impressive right now. if you are just about to head out the door, check this out right now. look at the yellows and orange showing off in the hi-def. some of that rain made its way into the north bay already. reports of heavy rainfall in towards the santa rosa area but it's now making its way in along the peninsula. it's going to slam the bay area as it moves onshore. we have seen gusts now at half moon bay buoy at over 50 miles per hour. we could see gusts to 55, 60 miles per hour along the coastline. here comes the rain making its way onshore so the commute is going to be very rough this morning. we have strong gusty winds now we have that rain moving onshore. it's turning to showers though by the afternoon. maybe even a couple of sunny breaks but the storm door will be wide open and a very wet pattern is setting up for the next few days probably right through the weekend. so here's storm number one that's pushing onshore this morning. this is going to be kind of a fast mover. a slow-moving storm system with more rain coming in as we head in toward tomorrow evening and then looks like another one after that. so a series of storms lining up outside. so we are going to see periods of rain heavy at times this one
6:47 am
moving onshore this morning. but the middle of the morning it has lined up across the bay area. then we get toward the afternoon we may catch a little break. maybe just a couple of scattered showers. but into thursday evening, we began to see that next storm system and you will notice this one really moving on perpendicular to the coastline. it's going to be a slow mover so we are going to see heavy rain with that and it's going to stake around for quite a while right through -- stick around for quite a while through friday morning. the wind is the biggest concern half inch of rain in san rafael, .6" in santa cruz. highs in the 60s today in the bay area. stormy morning. by the afternoon things settle down. we are not out of the woods yet. we'll see a series of storms moving in and with the rain soaking the ground pretty well with this one, each successive storm going to give rise to the possibility of some flooding. i think that could happen as we head in towards sunday. not with a major rivers, but possibly with some of the smaller creeks and streams around the bay area. and you're going to be very busy. >> that's a super good long stretch. windshield wipers going to be
6:48 am
getting a workout as this morning commute gets under way. so be sure to turn on your headlights, too. that's the law. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. they turned on the metering lights around 6:00 so you can see what it's doing to the morning commute. it's stacking up in all lanes already backing up to the macarthur maze. winds are picking up, as well. so chp is starting to issue several wind advisories. this is the one separate from the national weather service. chp activated the cms signs in the area of the san mateo bridge. that is the biggest issue before the rain really gets our way, the wind. a live look at 101 in the south bay at trumbull. so far, so good. let's look at the maps and other live traffic cameras. here's a look across the golden gate. no major issues so far come through marin county. as lawrence said the rain is hitting the north bay first so
6:49 am
we had an earlier spin now the northbound one approaching cotati that's cleared by the way. mass transit is a great option. bart, ace, muni, caltrain and your ferries are all on time. that's traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. another professional casualty after the apple map fiasco. project manager richard williamson was fired after being with the company since 2001. users complained about the new software after apple released it in september. it was supposed to compete with google map service. users said people got lost with misplaced landmarks and routes on apple maps. san mateo company is getting ready to go public. >> and with more on tha, jason brooks with kcbs and has the numbers. >> reporter: solar city filed its ipo plan looking to sell around 10.1 million shares between a range of 13 to $15 at the top end. it would raise $151 million at the top end. it's a contrarian move. a lot of ipos have been pulled
6:50 am
back because of the market sentiment out there and also the solar industry in particular has had a rough go over the past year falling panel prices and weakening demand in countries like germany and italy. stock market fell yesterday on the looming "fiscal cliff." and we have some discouraging comments from senate majority leader harry reid that led to that sell-off. market will continue in that vein until there is progress. billionaire investor warren buffett telling cnbc this morning says he may go past the december 31 deadline but it won't take too much longer and he is confident that a deal will be reached that will somewhat satisfy all sides. the market is falling again on the "fiscal cliff" word. let's look at the numbers. dow down 67 points. nasdaq down by 22. s&p losing 9. apple shares giving up 1.5% this morning. back to you guys. >> thank you. , kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. time for a look at what's
6:51 am
coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> norah o'donnell joins us live from washington, d.c. in the capital with more on the big show. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, frank and michelle. we are here in washington where you'll hear from supreme court justice scalia. the postmaster general, and senator amy klobuchar who is part of a record number of women now in the united states senate. plus a future free of household chores. we'll take you inside the bay area robot lab trying to make that happen. and how would the powerball jackpot change your life? we'll check in with a couple who won more than $200 million earlier this year when we see you right at 7:00. >> a whole lot of change. i could get used it that. >> thank you, norah o'donnell. the big show starts at 7:00. a new apology from the teen sitcom star after his viral video shows his bashing the cbs program "two and a half men." >> if you watch "two and a half men," please stop watching "two and a half men."
6:52 am
i'm on 2.5 men. i don't know to be on it. please stop filling your head with filth. >> how do you go back there? he said the sitcom doesn't mesh with his religious beliefs, 7th day adventist. he makes more than $300,000 an episode. in a statement, he says: >> kind of a pattern with that show. it seems to work. whatever. >> it's true. 6:52. coming up, we are keeping an "eye on the storm" as the rain begins to hit the bay area. >> the rain will hit and the wind is also going to pick up here in the bay area. we'll tell you how this will affect your morning commute and what chp says the biggest mistake drivers make on the roads. this december, remember -- ♪
6:53 am
you can stay in and like something... ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family and actually like something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year.
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directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
6:56 am
the morning commute. the bay area is bracing for a storm and the wind is whipping up for the morning commute. cate caugiran is at the richmond/san rafael bridge with the warnings for drivers. good morning, cate. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. yeah. whipping up the morning commute and whipping up my hair! you can see the wind is already picking up speed. look at the flagpoles and that tree right there blowing again winds are picking up speed. the national weather service says winds will pick up to about 45 miles an hour with gusts up to 65 miles per hour. chp says the combination of wind and rain is dangerous especially with the amount of cars that will be on the roads this morning and they say it's best to drive like you're in fog or ice which means very slow. trucks and other big vehicles could be of great concern
6:57 am
especially on our bridges. now along with potential traffic problems, high wind are also expected to bring mass power outages and that's because of downed trees and branches. i know we have already heard report of some in our area. pg&e crews were busy yesterday cutting down trees clearing excess debris just to prep for the day ahead. again, the high wind warning effect is going to be in place until 11:00. i know right now at sfo, winds are sustained at about 25 miles per hour in oakland about 16. so it is going to get worse. slow and go is the best way for your morning commute. live on the richmond/san rafael bridge, back to you. >> cate is lucky because the heavens are about to open. she got the wind but the rain is going to be a mess. >> the rain is just beginning to show up around the bay area. in fact, we are seeing some of that in the north bay right now along the coastline. we have some wet roads out there san anselmo the rains just moving onshore. it will be heavy this morning as it slides off through. high-def doppler radar showing you all the yellows and orange.
6:58 am
how about that? it's beginning to make its way along the coast. heavy rain now pacifica and half moon bay. by the way some gusts over 50 miles per hour near half moon bay, as well. that will be the big problem that could bring down some trees. by the afternoon maybe a little sunshine just a couple of scattered showers and 60s. but we're not done just yet. this is opening the door to a series of storms moving through another one late thursday into friday. more storms expected late in the weekend. >> those winds are picking up. look at the traffic cam live look at 101. heading towards sfo four-hour delays so definitely call your carrier check online. yeah, the winds are really picking up. they have issued a couple of new wind advisories, chp did, for some of our bridges. mass transit is still on time. it would be a great option this morning. we have had no issues with bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. san mateo bridge there is a wind advisory now and they just issued one for the bay bridge, as well. you can see they have activated the cms warning signs. >> if you are already at work, good for you.
6:59 am
if the not, look out. >> it's beginning to look like christmas at rockefeller center. the tree survived superstorm sandy and it comes from a new jersey home that lost power during the storm. tony bennett, rod stewart and others will perform at tonight's lighting ceremony. >> three people on your ipod, right? tickets are selling fast at 42 states powerball fever has caught everybody. yeah. is not one of the states. too bad. this morning the jackpot is only $500 million. that's a half billion dollars. one-time payout worth $300 million. good luck if you have friends in oregon. >> call them! >> thank you for watching. be careful on the roads. captions by: caption colorado

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